My Constant Devotion to the Wendy’s 4 for $4

A love letter to Wendy’s meal deal dubbed the “4 for $4”, which contains a small drink and fry, junior cheeseburger, and four piece chicken nugget for four dollars.

The Silverdale Wendys drive thru line.

Olivia Miller

The Silverdale Wendy’s drive thru line.

by Olivia Miller, Reporter, Editor-in-Chief

First introduced in late 2015, Wendy’s 4 for $4 meal deal instantly gained popularity among fast food fanatics across the United States of America.

The latest entry into a supposed fast food value menu war between competitors including McDonald’s and Burger King, the now iconic 4 for $4 instantly attracted consumers with its high quantity of food for such a low price.

Wendy’s was founded in the fall of 1969 by Dave Thomas, who named the soon-to-be the second-largest burger chain currently operating in the United States after his daughter.
Known for their Frosty’s and baked potatoes, Wendy’s has always been unique from other fast food restaurants.

This distinctiveness continued on with the implementation of the 4 for $4, with it being one of the first value menus that set the deals at a specific price.

Whatever the reasons for its popularity may be, the 4 for $4 has become one of my favorite fast food meals.

In fact, there’s a running joke in my friend group that I could cover a wall with all of my Wendy’s receipts. Admittedly, I am an avid Wendy’s consumer. Something about that tangy honey mustard sauce and sweet vanilla Frosty maintains my bi-weekly return to this restaurant.

However, my love for this meal deal does not stem from my alleged honey mustard addiction, but rather from the price point. I mean, come on, four dollars for a burger, nuggets, drink, fry, and sauce of my choice? That is something that I can always justify, no matter the balance in my measly bank account.

In regards to the actual quality of the food, I have no complaints. There is actually a specific method in which I eat this deliciously cheap meal.

I first start with a quick few sips from my small, chilled soft drink, which is usually a Root beer, but when I’m feeling adventurous, can be a Dr Pepper or Fanta Orange.

I then quickly devour the consistently fresh, perfectly salty fries, each dipped into Wendy’s signature honey mustard sauce.

After the fries are demolished, I will enjoy the slightly buttery, exemplary crispy chicken nuggets, which I will also dip into the honey mustard sauce.

Finally, I finish the feast off with the consumption of my junior cheeseburger (without the tomato, obviously) which is smothered with somewhat tart mayonnaise and gooey cheese.

Overall, I believe Wendy’s 4 for $4 to be the quintessential fast food meal. Cheap and delicious. I would definitely recommend this to any other almost-broke teenagers or honey mustard fans.