Cody Hall — The Man Behind the Magic

Cody Hall, Senior class president, is a man of many talents and runs the class of 2020 with dignity and passion.


Cody Hall

Hall admiring the view at the Silverdale Waterfront.

by Xavier Medina, Assistant Editor

Over time, many students among the senior class of Central Kitsap High have been given the honor of being the representative of the senior class. This year the honor is bestowed upon Cody Hall, a student with high hopes for the future of Central Kitsap. Hall holds his position with nobility, showing a true sense of care for the job he does. 

Hall attends almost every ASB meeting in order to gain a better knowledge of the issues that could use his help in dealing with. Every situation is approached carefully and with much consideration, the prime example being the prom debacle earlier this year. With the ability to voice his opinion and have his voice heard directly by staff, Hall was able to help with making sure that the staff’s viewpoints on Homecoming 2019 were merely for the student’s caution and safety. 

Hall says he has a passion for taking on leadership positions and decided that pursuing a career in criminal justice or psychology at a four-year university, preferably in Washington, is what he plans to do.

Xavier Medina
Senior Cody Hall enjoying lunch with friends.

Going into his senior year, Hall was ecstatic. He could not wait until he had a stronger voice over the class of 2020 and how pep assemblies–among other things–would go. 

During the election of 2018-2019, Hall’s anticipation grew as the results drew to a conclusion. As the fateful school day came to an end, Hall was anticipating the results of the election. Hall’s name was announced on the intercom and the feeling of victory rushed through his body. Hall stated, “After I was announced as the Senior Class President, I felt a rush of excitement, but I also felt proud for taking on such a meaningful responsibility. Being elected as Senior Class President urged me to become more involved in school events, and I felt satisfied with helping out.”

While many have been given the honor to organize the senior class as a whole, all have been unique in their own way. Hall went from being a student with ambition and a voice he wanted to be heard to the head of the class of 2020. 

Hall’s goals for the year were bountiful and winning the election of the 2018-2019 school year only solidified his chances to help improve upon the state of Central Kitsap High. “My goal for this school year was to be involved with the community as much as possible,” stated Hall, “I felt ambitious and that I had the power of being able to have a say in how our skits look. I just feel like I wanted to have a bigger voice in how our school is organized. I also enjoy taking on leadership positions.”

Outside of school, Hall is just as emotional with his friends and family. Hall states that his favorite outside of school activities include participating in community service activities, being with friends, and shopping. 

Cody Hall
Cody Hall and a group of friends at Leadership Camp 2019

Hall holds high hopes for the future senior classes of Central Kitsap and believes that they’ll take inspiration from the classes before them.“I hope the next class has a fair and fun election, I hope that they continue the traditions of our senior class, and I hope that they facilitate the school year as much as possible for future seniors.” said Hall, “I believe that the culture should change for the future of Central Kitsap. But I think a lot of underclassmen are dedicated and capable of doing great things.” 

Though Hall achieved his goal of winning the position, the journey came with its fair share of hardships. “One hardship that I faced during the elections was the feeling of disappointment that overcame me when I lost my first election for Executive Vice President,” stated Hall, “However, the feeling motivated me to rerun for Senior Class President.”

When it comes to his friendships, Hall has made a great impact on those he’s come into contact with. James Sanchez, a senior at Central Kitsap, stated that Hall has always been there for him and will continue to do what he does best. “Cody Hall has always been a close friend since my Freshman year and throughout the years. I have gladly supported him because his caring and active role for ASB has helped garner a more cohesive community,” stated Sanchez.

Alexandra Neumann, a fellow ASB advisor alongside Hall, states that he’s supported her throughout everything with a positive attitude. “Cody has made an impact in my life through his positivity and easy-going personality”, states Neumann. As his presidency was brought up, Neumann expressed, “Cody has done a great job as president, we really don’t see each other as ‘President’ and ‘Vice President’ we work really well as a team and are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. He is great at staying on track and pushing us to excel.”

In about 15 years Hall has high hopes for what is to come. Hall states, “I’ll hope to have started a family, have a bachelor’s degree, and I hope I’ll be able to hold a financially stable job that I am also content with.” With the position Hall holds, the dream of a stable life doesn’t seem too far off.