Halloween or Christmas!

Preparing for fall holidays compared to winter.

by Emma Weisgarber , Reporter

When we think of holidays the most popular are Halloween and Christmas, they’re complete opposites of each other; but the the only thing between them is November which only has one major holiday: Thanksgiving.  Multiple businesses like Macy’s plus the mall in general along with grocery stores get ready weeks before the actual holiday arrives, causing people that go to those stores to get the idea that the holiday is really close or is already here. Making people think that they personally need to get ready for the holidays coming up and end the holiday that is currency going or just happened. 

A great example of this is when people are getting Halloween ready all the stores are ready weeks in advance but as soon as it’s a couple days before Halloween stores start getting ready for Christmas, not only is this getting ready before Christmas gets here it completely skips Thanksgiving.  I personally feel like thanksgiving isn’t as popular as it used to be, so then Halloween and Christmas take over and become the bigger holidays. The only other holiday that might be as popular as Christmas and Halloween would be the Fourth of July, but that isn’t celebrated all over the world like Christmas and Halloween. 

In conclusion I feel as if Christmas tops all of the holidays when it comes to excitement and popularity, if it being so important stores and business have to get ready months early with them ordering and getting the shelves stocked so that way it can be ready for the public to shop. After Christmas gets here the stores then have to get ready for new years, which then concludes the end of the winter season and getting ready for spring.  The drastic difference between fall holidays and winter holidays is huge, one day people are ready for fall holidays but then as soon as they are over they get ready for winter holidays.