Central Kitsap High School Fall Sports Have Come to a Close

The 2021 CKHS fall sports season has officially come to an end and many of the teams made a statement with their games.


Allie Lewis

Arena where girls volleyball state championships were held.

by Allie Lewis, Reporter

This first season of Central Kitsap High School sports, Fall sports, has just recently come to a close. Many of the teams have managed to have a successful season, during the months of September to November, and ended it out with a bang.

The sports during the Fall CKHS sports season include; Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Girls Swim, Cross Country, and Football.

The varsity girls volleyball finished second in their 3A South Sound league, which because of their wins at 3A district championships, managed to propel them to make it to the Washington 3A State Championships, where they managed to finish 18 in state.

“I think we set really high goals and worked hard to accomplish them… [going to State] itself was an accomplishment… we went out together and we gave it our all,” said senior Becca Roy, girls volleyball varsity captain.

The girls volleyball team made their way to state championships and managed to fight hard for their high ranking in state for the 3A league. Their season ended well with lots of hard earned accomplishments throughout the season.

The girls soccer team managed to make their place in their 3A south sound league as second place, with a ninth place in the Washington 3A overall.

“I think we played fairly well as a team… our coach made working together a priority,” said junior Lauren Yee.

With the girls soccer making an effort to work together and play as a team, their game landed their second place ranking in the leagues. An overall well fought season, the girls soccer team played hard for the successes they have had.

Girls swim, another team who did very well during their season, held about 20 to 25 girls this year, and managed to make it to state through their scores at districts.

“[State] went really well. [We] broke some school records. I think [the team] got 11th overall,” junior Nadine Dockendorf said.

The team, with just about six girls going as Dockendorf mentioned, to place 11th overall for the school in state is a huge accomplishment for the girls swim team. Ending on a high note, the girls swim team finishes the season with new school records and an end to a fun season.

This year’s cross country team joined to form a coed team, mixed with both boys and girls runners. The team had high goals and managed to run a smooth season to reach them.

“Both the girls and boys teams made it to state… The girls got second and the boys got eighth” said sophomore Jackson Moyer.

The season ended with a kick, as the coed team placed high in their split divisions. They managed a well run and great season.

The varsity football team, always a largely school spirited sport, managed to finish fifth in their 3A South Sound District, and 31st in 3A Washington rankings. The team held about 55 players ranging from freshmen to seniors, and managed to work their way to fifth against some strong teams.

“[The season] went ok… [our] coaching was good… he led us very well and I think they did everything this season to make us great,” said senior Kelvin Gardner.

The football player’s season saw great improvement with a trusted coaching staff and overall was viewed to be an impressive season. The team worked hard to make their season a success and ended with a strong standing among the state ranks.

These fall CKHS teams managed to have great seasons this year and pulled off some amazing placings. These upcoming sports seasons are sure to be great.