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Jazmine Clewis
Jazmine Clewis is a senior here at Central Kitsap High School and is one of our staff in the production class in journalism. Miss Clewis decided to take journalism as one of her classes because she signed up for it without really knowing she was signing up for the production class (yearlong). She thought she would be taking Intro to Journalism class(semester long), also she signed up for Journalism because she thought it would be fun to learn how to write differently from writing an essay. Some fun things she enjoys doing outside of school is bowling, drawing and hanging out with her friends! Her strengths as a student are that she is always willing to help other students if they need help. Recently, Clewis hasn’t been drawing outside of her house but nowadays, few people knows she draws. Some advice she would give to her underclassmen would be that they should stay on top of their work and that they should try and make the best out of their high school life! Jazmine’s role models are her parents because they are some of the strongest figures in her life. Clewis states that in the future journalism will help her a lot because, it helps her break her shyness and will make it easier for her to communicate with others in regard to work wise.

Jazmine Clewis, Contributor

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