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Nate Larson
Nathan Larson, Senior at CKHS, is not only a dedicated member of the Journalism production staff but also long-time football player, hunter and fisherman. He is looking forward to playing football at Rocky Mountain college next fall, and making some new friends in Montana. While many students are aware of Larson’s skill with a football, not many know that he is also talented with a compound bow--he finished fourth in a national archery competition last year. As a student, Larson views his capability to quickly comprehend written instructions and lead within the classroom setting as his greatest strengths. He said that his willingness to help those around him is what he prides himself on the most. Larson is taking Journalism this year because it was recommended by friends of his who enjoyed the course. Since beginning as a reporter, he has made an effort to engage in positive face-to-face interaction with his interviewees. Larson is someone who is determined to push through challenges he faces, whether it’s coping with the four knee surgeries he’s received or deciding his future. He reflected that this past year has been one of the most important for him because of the growing pains he’s experienced, as he has both gained different friends and insights into his goals after high school.

Nate Larson, Contributor

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