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Victoria Steffee
Victoria Steffee originally started taking the Journalism class to receive CTE credit when the class still counted for it. She grew to enjoy the class and that is why she still continues to take it. When she's not at school she likes hangout with her dogs and to do outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking, when shes inside she enjoys watches many star trek movies. Something that many people don't know about Victoria is that she enjoys making crafts and other hands on projects to sell at the local farmers markets. Victoria believes that she is a dedicated and hardworking student and this is what helps her succeed in school. Her favorite subject in school is English, along with that she also likes history classes. After she graduates she's excited to be able to get away from CK as well as being able to relax for a little from the almost 12 years or so of being held to certain standards in school. She isn’t quite sure what college she will attend or where it will take her. After college, if it hasn't taken her out of state yet she is going to get as far away as possible from Washington State.

Victoria Steffee, Editor

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