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Kailee Shafer
Kailee Shafer is a junior at Central Kitsap High School who took journalism based on some helpful advice provided by Mrs. Miller and she is enjoying it so far. Some of her favorite activities outside of school include working due to the amount of money she makes as well as playing softball and soccer. When asked about her strengths as a student, she feels that she is best at focusing on the smaller details depending on the subject. Her secret skill is having a job due to not many people knowing that she works. She has two cats, one is old and fat while the other is younger. Her favorite subjects include chemistry and sports med due to her skills in both. The dream jobs she wishes to pursue include sports med and real estate. When asked why, she states that she believes sports med is a good field to go into and with real estate there’s no real reason, she just feels that she would enjoy it.

Kailee Shafer, Reporter

Nov 13, 2019
Funding for Sports Medicine (Story)

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