The Balance Between Work and School


Diego Vasquez

Students working at Arbys in Silverdale

by Diego Vasquez, Reporter

Diego Vasquez
Students working at Arbys in Silverdale

As students grow throughout their high school career, getting a job seems to be a sort of right of passage. With entry level jobs all around us, all it takes is the initiative and work ethic to acquire one. However, juggling both working at a job and working as a full time student can prove to be quite difficult. 


After asking 150 students of both the senior and junior classes, results show the trend seems to be that seniors have jobs more often than that of the other grades, which is to be expected. From the early junior year (and sometimes late sophomore year), parents begin to push their child to get a job.

This chart depicts the percentage of juniors and seniors that have a job

Throughout CK, there are a countless number of students that are part of a struggle between work and school life. Caleb Plumb, a senior at CK, feels that the balance between both is simple at its core.


“The main thing is making sure that my work knows when I am at school, that is my main focus. Managing both isn’t hard, but for people that would maybe be doing sports or another activity the workload could be a lot.” Plumb said.


According to Walden University, “nearly 30% of students are employed in a job for at least a portion of the school year.” There is a lot of importance behind getting a job at a young age, not only can it teach the value of relying on your own source of income, but it can also build a sense of work ethic, and prepare students for enduring work in the future, whether it be exciting or mundane. 


There are plenty of places for students to begin their work life, such as McDonald’s, Arbys, and Safeway. However, any student should properly prepare for the increase in responsibility and work load that comes with a new job.