Anonymous artist at CKHS

Public fanart sparks massive support for artist


Emily Peck

Library whiteboard art post Genshin drawings

by Emily Peck, Reporter

Earlier this year in the CKHS Library, an anonymous artist began drawing on one of the blank whiteboards creating fanart from the popular game, Genshin Impact. This artist has now been revealed to be Sofia Strong, a sophomore at CKHS. 

Strong has been interested in drawing for about 5 years. When asked what prompted them to start drawing on the library whiteboard they explained how they felt it was just a, why not, situation. 

“I just realized, hey you can draw on these whiteboards, so I thought, hey why don’t I just draw on these whiteboards,” said Strong.

Soon after they began drawing they began to receive an influx of support from passersby in the library who wrote nice comments and even began to leave requests for them to draw other characters from the game.

“It was overwhelmingly positive,” commented Strong. These reactions greatly surprised Strong but they greatly welcomed the support. 

“I was extremely surprised that I got this much traction from a bunch of hour long doodles on the whiteboard,” they said. 

Recently however, Strong decided to discontinue her Genshin drawings. This discontinuation was partially due to their waning interest in the game as well as the toxic fan culture surrounding it that they had no desire to be a part of.

Recent photo of CKHS library whiteboard (Emily Peck)

“I completely lost interest in Genshin a few drawings in, I just got bored of the game and the fandom itself is really toxic so I just thought, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

While her Genshin art has reached its close, this is not the end for their art career. They still continues to consistently draw on the whiteboard and post on their art account on Instagram @sakuri_lemon.

 They also had one message to the people who support their art,

“Thank you very much I greatly appreciate it, I’m not done drawing yet,” said Strong. “I’m still drawing on the whiteboard. I’m just no longer taking requests.”