Worst Christmas Hallmark specials

Top 3 Movies to avoid during the Holiday season


Emily Peck

Collection of Hallmark Christmas movies

by Emily Peck, Reporter

Hallmark movies have gained a reputation of being repetitive as well as mediocre but that isn’t to say some stand out as being truly terrible. Today we´re going to be sorting through these films to find the worst of the worst so you can spend your holiday free of these movies or seek them out to have a good laugh. 

3. The Knight Before Christmas

A Knight from the 13th century is sent to 2019 to complete his quest and become a true knight. He then meets Brooke, a young woman who no longer believes in love.

While this movie can be commended for having a much more original plot than the vast majority of Hallmark movies, this sadly doesn’t save it from the many cliches it still falls into. This is including but not limited to the main character meeting by physically bumping into each other which also applies to every movie on this list.

The movie loses momentum very quickly to the point where it’s almost difficult to stay awake while watching the entire second half.

The writing is mediocre at its best and downright cringeworthy at its worst, with lines like, ¨If he didn’t believe he was a Knight from the 13th century, he´d be the full package.¨

While compared to the others on this list the acting isn’t awful, but it still feels extremely soulless with no performances conveying any strong emotions besides confusion that Vanessa Hudgens is in another christmas movie about dating someone with a royal title.

2. A Christmas Wedding Planner:

Kelsey, a young wedding planner, is planning her cousin’s wedding. Her planning goes awry however when her cousin’s ex shows up claiming he is a private investigator and has been hired to look into her cousin’s fiance. They then work together to try to figure out if her cousin’s fiance is really as good a guy as he seems.

The dialogue is extremely clunky and the entire movie is littered with strange awkward silences that get very uncomfortable very quickly. Characters will often start or finish a scene just staring at each other with strange expressions for about 10 seconds and it’s very jarring.

While the actors’ performances aren’t terrible they still leave much to be desired. Some lines are spoken with very strange inflections that leave you confused on what opinions or feelings are trying to be conveyed.

The film can be almost entirely summed up by a quote from the leading lady, “did you call me here so you could just stand there awkwardly?”

1- A Princess for Christmas

A young woman named Jules, who has gotten custody of her sister’s children after her and her husband’s death, is invited by the children’s grandfather to visit him for Christmas. When they arrive at a lavish castle they discover that the children’s father was actually a duke. She now has to balance taking care of the children with her blossoming feelings for a prince. 

The plot of this movie is completely scattered. Countless plot threads start and go nowhere or end up being completely irrelevant to the greater story.

The romance between the two lends is very strange as well. Most of the scenes they share are very uncomfortable with very awkward dialogue and strange expressions from both actors.

This feeling of discomfort is present all throughout the movie in many places. Between the strange writing choices and the mediocre acting, there’s just an overwhelming feeling that no one in the movie actually wants to be there.

The film also contains many strange camera shots. In a scene where the youngest child is supposed to be excitedly entering her new room they shoot it like it’s supposed to be her eye view running around the room but when it cuts back to her she’s still standing in the doorway making the last shot feel out of place.

While there’s one or two moments to chuckle at, most of the comedy falls very flat as well and the few funny moments don’t seem to be intentional. 

Overall, while this movie might possibly be enjoyable for young children, anyone over the age of 5 most likely won’t enjoy it.