An Authentic Review on “Pinocchio: A True Story”

Watching “Pinnochio: A True Story, so you don’t have to.


by Anaya Lamy, Reporter

“Pinocchio: A True Story” has caught a lot of attention after the official Dreamworks TikTok account posted a clip from the movie. The clip immediately went viral for its whiny voice acting from the young puppet. A line from the 15 second clip quickly became a quotable meme for people all over the social media site; “Father, I want to be on my own. I’ve got the whole world to see.”

After the surging popularity that this clip had conjured, many ran to the reviews on google to write sarcastic 5-star reviews about the movie. Although these reviews are absolute comedy gold most of them are not authentic reviews. Therefore, here is a needed authentic review of this piece of work.

The abnormal voice acting carries out throughout the entire film. Not only is Pinnochio’s voice whiny but he also sounds very old for his young character. Voice acting from every character lacks emotion.

The movie is dubbed from Russian therefore a lot of the time the voice acting doesn’t even match the moving lips of the animated characters. Not to mention that the director made the creative choice to add unnecessary moans and groans from Pinocchio which often occur when the characters mouth is not even moving.

Although the voice acting is difficult to look over when watching the film. There are some redeemable qualities to the film. There are many corny jokes throughout the film that could definitely appeal to the movie’s younger target audience. Tybalt, Pinocchio’s trusty sidekick in the film, seems to be the comedic character of the film. His jokes would not necessarily land with older children but might just be good enough to fly over young children’s heads.

Objectively, this movie is not even comparable when it comes to higher budget animated films. This is not a movie I would recommend to my friends or family. The storyline is simply uninteresting and unexciting. There is a lack of depth overall and most of the characters lack real personality which makes it hard to even root for them. I would encourage watching Disney’s Pinnochio from 1940 as opposed to this film.