Taylor Swift Just Will Not Let Me Sleep

Taylor Swift releases a song that got leaked and blew up on TikTok. Along with three other “Taylor’s Version” songs.


Laney Lark

Taylor Swift’s album “Lover” on vinyl.

by Laney Lark, Reporter, Copy Editor

If Taylor Swift is good at one thing, it is surprising her fans in the morning and giving them new content at midnight. On March 16th Swift announced via Instagram that she would be releasing four “previously unreleased songs tonight at midnight”.

I was ecstatic to say the very least. It was perfect timing with the very first show of her highly anticipated, “Eras Tour” occurring the very next day in Arizona. Three of the songs, we as fans have heard before. 

Two are from the “Hunger Games” soundtrack released in 2011. One was previously on Swift’s album “Speak Now.” The fourth however, titled “All Of The Girls You Loved Before,” was originally intended to be on Swift’s seventh studio album “Lover”.

The song was recently leaked on the social media platform “TikTok” and fans all over the platform found that the song resonated with them and blew it up. This clearly gave Swift a reason to let the song see the light of day. And boy am I happy for that. 

The song fits so perfectly with the rest of the album “Lover” that I am shocked that it ended up on the cutting room floor. The song is seemingly about Swift’s current relationship with actor Joe Alwyn considering they have been together since “Lover” originally came out in 2019. 

“All Of The Girls You Loved Before” is not only a love letter to Alwyn but also to all of the women that have been in his life before Swift. Those women being his past lovers and his mother. Basically all of the women who taught him to be the man he is today. 

I know I personally have never heard a song with this perspective before, but it just works so well. “Every woman that you knew brought you here. I wanna teach you how forever feels.” Are you kidding? How does she think of these lyrics? 

This song gives the same vibes of a mix between her other songs “False God” and “Lover.” Honestly I can only think of positive things to say about this song. 

I was in my bedroom with my headphones blasting this song and embarrassingly dancing around all night. And I will be continuing that behavior until I get the chance to hear it live this summer at “The Eras Tour.”