Review: ‘Lockwood & Co’ Netflix’s newest book to film

Netflix is at it again with their newest beloved book to film adaptation, Jonathan Stroud’ popular ‘Lockwood & Co’ series.


Official press kit photo of the main three Lockwood & Co characters, Lucy Carslyle (left), Anthony Lockwood (middle), and George Karim (right),

by M Carter, Reporter

As far as adaptations shows, Netflix seems to have a hit or miss relationship with both accuracy to text and the fan bases received. This can be seen in how well their new rendition of  “Charmed” was welcomed and how popular “Wednesday” became to viewers, it is due to this shaky 1-100 nature that some avid readers are hesitant to give their newest adaption “Lockwood & Co” a go at fear of it being disloyal to the beloved book series by Jonathan Stroud. 

Netflix is currently under stress due to their changing of their password policy and canceling of many fan favorite shows, this show could be what appeases the fanatic fans or sends them into complete frenzy. The show was filmed in 2022 and hit the service in January of 2023. 

The show by itself has a thorough and fascinating plot line that follows the three main characters played by Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati, as their characters rise as prominent detectives. 

The three teens are the members of the ghost hunting organization “Lockwood & Co” run by the eldest, Anthony Lockwood (Chapman) and his trusted friend George Karim (Hadji-Heshman). The show follows the story of Lucy Carslyle ( Stokes) as she joins them in putting away dangerous ghosts and solving murderous mysteries. 

The plot quickly picks up and the stakes become higher as the trio delve deeper into secrets and stories concerning and surrounding ‘the problem’ that is what the ghosts and developing ghost connected powers of the young are called.

The plot pace is quick without feeling rushed and the trio’s connections and interpersonal relationships draws the audience in. The show also has well written elements of humor and a realistic budding romance to balance with its heavier mystery and adventure qualities. The show for itself unaffiliated from the book series is well written and enjoyable, a Netflix smash hit.

But how does it hold up to the books?

The story line concerning itself to that of the books is also well written. The portrayal of the characters is not 100% exact however it does not betray any of their fundamental personality pieces. The show follows the first two out of five books and does not make any major strays from the core story.

 The visuals follow clearly if not for a few artistic liberties taken by the designers. These liberties however do not affect the story or world building too dramatically. For an adaptation it is well done 8/10.