Review: Eras Tour, Taylor Was Sunshine in the Midnight Rain

The third night of The Eras Tour in Nashville on May 7, 2023, was a storm of success that left many people, including Taylor Swift, with a night to remember forever and ever.


Amy Fancher

Taylor Swift introduces the song “The Man” as the crowd cheers for her.

by Robyn Fancher, Reporter

The Eras Tour show in Nashville on May 7, 2023 was delayed approximately 2 hours due to the rain, thunder, and lightning. Despite the delay, thousands of people sheltered in place for hours and one of those people was me. The hope that Taylor will inevitably perform for us all kept many people in place as we waited.

 Thankfully the show began after 10 p.m.

The stadium filled with cheers, smiles, tears of joy, and dancing as the call was made for everyone to return to their seats and prepare for the show. Me and my close friend screamed and quickly began trading friendship bracelets with the people who were sitting next to us. Despite it continuing to rain and being a delayed show, everyone was filled with life.

 It was like we survived “The Great War.” As the countdown began for Taylor Swift to come onstage, I began to cry. The cheers and the excitement filled me with so many wonderful emotions.

I was about to see Taylor Swift, in real life, not far from me, and she was going to perform for us no matter how much rain or how late the show went. 

Robyn Fancher and Ashley Forbes trade bracelets with other fans before the show (Amy Fancher)

My tears helped in creating puddles on the pavement, and there she was, the beautiful petal like covers went up and she was the afterglow of all our fears. For hours we all feared that all our anticipation for this night would crumble. Hours of anticipating the worst turned into the pure excitement and overwhelming joy of seeing her dance and sing infront of us. 

I am pretty sure I cried and screamed along with her for the whole “Lover” set, and it was the most magical opening to a concert I’ve ever seen. All the visuals on the screen were so clear and stunning that everyone had a chance to experience the true magic of it all no matter where they sat in the stadium. I adored the glow she had on the screen, with all the stunning visuals, it was immersive. 

Then the “Fearless” era began. Her cute fringe dress brought me back. It made me think of her beginning as an artist (Even though the fearless album was her second) because all the joy on her and her fellow band members faces gave a little bit of nostalgia and innocence to the whole set. 

The tone shifted and Taylor Swift came out in her “evermore” era. The pine trees that grew from the stage made you feel like you were in a forest with her and she was telling you a story. She was a storyteller and a performer as well.

When the lights were held up in honor of Swift’s grandmother, Marjorie, it lit up the stadium in such a meaningful glow.  Then before “Champagne Problems” she talked to us just about whatever. Her rambles were like they were between a close friend and another at a party. As we traveled farther and farther through the eras, you never felt bored or wishing it was over. 

Taylor Swift and the show kept you enthralled and you were excited to hear her talk to you more and more. Everyone in the audience felt even more connected than what I believe it would’ve felt like on a normal night. We were all in the pouring rain enjoying the show and bonding as Taylor Swift herself said we were river otters. 

The storm and the distant lightning only added to the performance. With rain being kicked and Taylor Swift, despite all the water, not minimizing any of her choreography, it was all so unbelievable but it was real. 

I believe if anyone who likes Taylor Swift has a chance to see the concert you should take the opportunity to. She puts on a stunning performance that didn’t make me feel like I just stayed up hours past my bedtime, and every minute was worth the money spent. She makes sure you have a magical time and get your money’s worth. 

From the crowds outside the stadium listening along, the surprise songs every show, leaning off the stage in the pouring rain to sing at the members behind the stage, and the trading of friendship bracelets, it’s a night you won’t forget. All of it was because of Taylor Swift.