The Menu of a Millionaire

In the door dash menu, you can order from the menu of MrBeast Burger, a restaurant made by the famed YouTuber that consists of many deluxe foods.


Jonas Hamilton

The in-app door dash menu of MrBeast Burger

by Jonas Hamilton, Reporter

From the DoorDash menu you can order a variety of different foods from different places and some menus have secret foods that you cannot order inside the actual restaurant. Lots of people may have heard of this, but did you know there is a secret restaurant at Red Robin where you can order off of Mr. Beast menu.

Mr. Beast, the famed Youtuber known for his generosity, has spread his own restaurant across the United States known as MrBeast Burger.

The place is famous for its Beast style burgers, Karl’s deluxe, the Crispy chicken burgers and more. The place is what is known as a “Ghost Restaurant” and has a 4.2 star review. A ghost restaurant is a restaurant paying another to sell their stuff, typically in only the delivery form.

I ordered a Beast style burger and crispy fries. The Beast style burger was two patties with American cheese and chopped onions with pickles and condiments, which was really good. The burger had just the right amount of ketchup and onions and the burger tasted really good. The curly fries, though, were delicious, but very dry. I believe they should have made a less salty version of the fries to enhance the flavor.

The meals were pricey, for just a burger and some fries with a sticker of a great youtuber, but you also get a stamp on an app, where you get a QR code with a chance to win free stuff.

They also have extra foods, including the Chandler style, or the Karl’s deluxe, which is a burger with an upside down bun and caramelized onions.

The MrBeast Burger is only available through DoorDash, and by delivery only (even though the food is all made at Red Robin). Their phone number is 407-502-3975. They have many things to choose from and the menu is extremely diverse with lots of options, including different burgers and fries. The menu consists of many unique and delicious foods but comes at a higher price to reflect the quality.