Review: It Is a New Era of Conan Gray, and I Am Ready for It

A review of the new Conan Gray song “Never Ending Song” and the music video for it.

Photo of Conan Gray provided by Wikimedia Commons used with permission. (

by Laney Lark, Reporter, Copy Editor

Conan Gray fans have been expecting something from him for months. Coming up on the one year anniversary of his previous album “Superache” along with all the Easter eggs he has been dropping, something new was bound to be released soon. 

Enter “Never Ending Song.” After many posts on Instagram and even some mysterious flyers making their way around California. On May 19, Gray dropped his first single in his new, currently unnamed, album “Never Ending Song.” 

I have been a fan of Gray since his “Sunset Season EP” so naturally, I was ecstatic when he announced his newest song and an accompanying music video.

Alright, let’s get into the song itself. The song is very different from anything that Gray has put out before.   

It has a sort of late 80’s rocker vibe. Gray sings in a much lower octave, which contributes to said vibe. But do not worry, there are still a few of his signature high notes sprinkled in there. 

The song is only a total of two minutes and 35 seconds, unfortunately short and I mean that as a compliment. I would have loved for it to be longer but the few minutes we got are satisfying enough. Hopefully the rest of the songs in the future album will keep the same 80s vibe but with longer songs.  

Now onto the music video. To sum it up short and sweet, I am obsessed with it. But I am not going to be short and sweet.

Conan Gray - Never Ending Song (Official Music Video) - YouTube

The video takes place in a grocery store called “Food Heaven” which probably means something for the album as a whole but I am not sure yet. There is also a pregnant cashier named Heather which is a reference to his hit song “Heather,” which is absolutely hilarious. 

The entire grocery store then breaks into a choreographed flashmob all through the aisles to “Never Ending Song.” I am still not sure what a grocery store has to do with the song but honestly I do not care because it just works.