Review: ‘Johnny & Clyde’

New age spin off of “Bonnie & Clyde,” with Megan Fox as a murderous business manager.

New poster cover for “Johnny & Clyde” (Used with permission from Alamy)

New poster cover for “Johnny & Clyde” (Used with permission from Alamy)

by Hailey Hansen, Reporter

In early May of 2023, “Johnny & Clyde,” written and directed by Tom DeNucci, was released on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Redbox. It is one hour and 40 minutes long and is known as the modern version of “Bonnie & Clyde.” The plot is similar to the original with love and crime being the theme but different characters played by known stars like Megan Fox, Avan Jogia and Ajani Russell, along with having more emphasis on the factor of gore and blood. 

To summarize this movie, the couple start off on a road trip killing spree. Boyfriend being Johnny (Avan Jogia) and girlfriend being Clyde (Ajani Russell). They come across an armored money transport vehicle where they get the details to a secret vault in a casino.

The gang on their way to the heist (Used with permission from Alamy)

The couple then get their old gang back together; Candlestick (Robert LaSardo), Baker (Charles W Harris III), and The Butcher (Nick Principe). News of them being in town travels to past enemies, Armen Garo (Randall Lock) and One Time (Sean Ringgold), who were investigators on their case and one being the father of their old victim. 

Their enemies then make a deal with Alana Hart (Megan Fox) who is a crime boss’s daughter in charge of the casino. What is unknown to Johnny, Clyde and the others, is that she herself is a ruthless killer with unorthodox security measures and an assistant, Vince (Tyson Ritter). This brings a domino of chaos when they enact their heist plan. 

Director Tom DeNucci and Writer Nick Principe successfully used the inspiration of “Bonnie and Clyde” with identical themes of love, chaos and bloodshed. They have the same signature crime of robbery as well.

DeNucci is best known for the 1967 wartime piece “The Dirty Dozen”. The film made him the recipient of the 2013 Rhode Island International Film Festival Robert Burgess Aldrich Award. He has also directed the recent 2019 movie “Vault” and been involved with 43 movies total. 

Which is almost twice as many as Principe who has done 25. He is a writer, actor and stunt double, though he played both roles of The Butcher and Bacwas in “Johnny & Clyde”.

Old poster for “Bonnie & Clyde” (Used with permission from Alamy)

Other things he is best known for include, his role as ChromeSkull in “Laid to Rest” and its sequel, “ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2.” Along with that, the majority of his work is all horror, thrillers and action films. 

From my point of view “Johnny & Clyde” is a typical B flick movie with average acting. I wouldn’t recommend this to many but it’s an entertaining movie to an extent. There should be a trigger warning in the beginning because in one of the first scenes they open fire into a public area.

Scenes like that are expected with a movie like this, especially since it’s based on “Bonnie & Clyde,” but with the way the real world is now, scenes like that should be censored more.

As for age rating it is up to parents, but I would say it is for 16 and up, since there is gore, mature language and sexual content. Overall it has some funny scenes that make it worth a watch, though Megan Fox is enough reason for most.