Review: ‘Wake Up & It’s Over’ by Lovejoy

A review on the band Lovejoys newest album


The album cover of lovejoys new album

by Mateo Hays, Reporter

On May 12, 2023 a lesser known British band named Lovejoy released a new album titled “Wake Up & It’s Over.” The band is an indie rock and pop punk band, they have made several albums and made their debut in May 2021. The band consists of four members, the singer and songwriter is Wilber Soot, the bass guitarist is Ash Kabosu, the lead guitarist is Joe Goldsmith and their drummer is Mark Boardman.

The new album has six songs, which have a funk/rock style to them. My favorite song on the album is “Call Me What You Like.” The song is about a complicated love relationship.

 In the lyrics, the artist of the song explains how he wants this girl, although she’s not committed to him. He knows she occasionally sees other men, he knows this story won’t evolve positively and probably won’t last, and he knows he cannot keep hoping forever, but he still hopes she will call him tonight.

My least favorite of the album is a song called “Warsaw,”  the music is alright but it sounds very forced together and the lyrics to the song feel like they would fit better with a slower song and it doesn’t sound good in my opinion. The song is giving details of a relationship that’s having issues while in the back rock music is playing.

After listening to the whole album there are definitely some good songs that are worth listening to but there are a few which I am not a fan of where the lyrics didn’t really fit the style of the music and or just did not blend well with the music.  There are songs on this album that I would listen to again and have added to playlists for work and just personal listening, but there are songs that when I heard them come on I would just skip it because it doesn’t sound good.