“Spotify” Ads aren’t Pleasant

My opinion as to why “Spotify” ads are bad.


Xylo Oliver scrolling through the Spotify app by Kymora Getachew

by Kymora Getachew, Reporter

“Spotify” is a streaming service app known for its plethora of genres and artists. You can listen to millions of songs and podcasts for free; if you are willing to listen to all of the ads thrown at you.

I have nothing against ads. Ads are good ways to advertise a product. The advertisements could be entertaining, informative, or a way to make its listeners want to buy an ad blocker. “Spotify” ads are the last option.

“Spotify” ads are grouped into two categories; “Spotify-made” ads and multifarious ads.

“Spotify-made” ads are basically what the title says; ads made by “Spotify” for “Spotify”. It could be an artist talking about their new song, podcast creators asking you to watch their latest episode or “Spotify Premium” ads. On the other hand, diverse ads are made by other companies that aren’t affiliated with “Spotify”.

But even with the app’s numerous varying ads, they all suck.

How can one streaming platform have some of the most hated ads? Here are some ways how:

  1. Frequency

The amount of ads they give to free listeners is unreal. There are even times they play three 30-second ads in a row. That could be even longer than the song that was playing before.

“[There’s] like four ads in between for two songs,” Xylo Oliver, a student at CKHS, said. “It takes forever and it’s really annoying.”

  1. Volume

“Spotify” ads can be so ridiculously loud that it’s not even funny. Especially when they’re showing an action movie.

You could be listening to soft, calming music, then an advertisement for The Fast and Furious 26 ruins it. Loud narration, explosions, and other miscellaneous noises ruin your whole vibe.

Even with non-action movies, some voice overs

  1. Insulting

Some ads can feel insulting which then leads to negativity from its listener.

Like the “Spotify-made” ad that insinuates you have no clue what an eight-track is. And sure, some people might not know what that is. However, this is still annoying to have someone point that out with a condescending tone.

 Now that I listed the reasons why they suck, let me tell you my top 5 least favorite “Spotify” ads:

  1. The Snickers ads where the lady talks into your left earphone and someone sips coffee in the right earphone.

No. Just why? Whenever I hear it, I immediately turn the volume to zero until the ad is over. I always feel uncomfortable when listening to it.

  1. “Thanks for listening to “Spotify”, no really. You could’ve listened to the radio. You could’ve spun some vinyl. You could’ve played a cassette tape. You could’ve listened to an 8-track tape…If you knew what an 8-track tape looked like. But you listened to “Spotify”, thanks for that.”

This one is mentioned in my third reason why “Spotify” ads are bad. I wanted to add the whole quote out of bitterness.

  1. The “Tostitos” ad.

I hate it when the narrator says, “Oh no! Dropped a pizza roll and lost it under the couch!”

Especially when he says “couch” because he has a voice crack that makes me want to cringe.

  1. Every “Troli” ad in which it ends with, “…which sour gummy will you sacrifice to the overlord of your sweet tooth?”

The company must think that these ads are silly and quirky, but that is far from true. They are honestly weird. Now thinking about it, “Troli” ads were always odd.

  1. The classic, “wanna break from the ads?”

These ads are not as bad as they used to be because people have been clowning on them. But that doesn’t exempt them from being annoying.

So if you want to stop listening to ads, get an ad blocker. Or use Oliver’s way of skipping ads.

“…I just exit the app and whenever I go back in it skips over the ad it’s on the next one.” he said.