“The Owl House” a review

Disney’s hit cartoon challenging story telling in the cartoon industry


Fanart of Eda The owl Lady Laughing on her broom

by Cam Lineberry, Reporter

Originally released on January 10th 2020, by creator Dana Terrace; “The Owl House” is a cartoon produced by Disney it is a high fantasy style cartoon.

Our main character Luz Noceda is transported to the land of the boiling isles. This realm is full of magic, witches, and demons. Luz being the spunky and optimistic person she is is not faltered by this challenge and she quickly finds friends and begins to learn more about where she is, as she begins her quest to find a way home.

Her new friends include a small demon named King and Eda, The Owl Lady, a user of wild magic. Eda is highly looked down upon and considered a criminal for using this kind of magic as it is banned in the boiling iles. But why? This is a question that is held over the viewer throughout the show as you dive deeper into the secrets of this realm.

As the story progresses more is discovered about the coven system put in place by the tyrannical emperor Belos, ruler of the land. Belos is said to be able to talk to something called the titan, supposedly either a sleeping or dead creature that the boiling isles resides on. This giant gives the land its magic however emperor belos believes that giving everyone access to any and every kind of magic is dangerous.

It is his mission to keep the coven system in place to keep everyone restrained to one kind of magic usage.

Luz slowly learns more about his evil doings as does the viewer and slowly she realizes there is more she must do before she returns home, however because of Luz being a human she cannot use magic so she has to think outside of the box to come up with ways around using magic, such as learning to use little drawings of magic symbols and harnessing the natural magic from the land, rather than her having built in magic such as the witches of the boiling ilse.

This cartoon after its release was a hit, continuing the streak of new age cartoons that included strong stories and characters rather than just one adventure and quick entertainment. This trend of new age animation has inspired all kinds of new shows to come out and give the storyteller something actually structured to express themselves and tell their story to the world. Disney has not been shy of airing cartoons such as this on their network, some examples being Gravity Falls and Amphibia.

The owl house has been airing now for two years. With season two wrapping up and season three on the way it’s incredible to see how far the show has come. And with a third season on the way fans are quite excited to see what’s next. The viewer continues to learn more and more about the evil emperor and what his true intentions are. As stories as in depth as these continue to be made it is very interesting to see what comes out of such creative freedom and advancement.