Vibrations of Guitar Club catches attention of many Students

New club arrives with distortion, strings and passion.


Calvin Lumadue

Nameplate of David Tracewell’s room as he teaches a class in the background.

by Calvin Lumadue, Reporter

The newly established Guitar Club was started by David Tracewell, an administrator here at CKHS. They meet in Tracewell’s room every Monday. “It’s awesome to teach these students how to play guitar and how to clean and maintain the guitar. But in return the students also teach me many different things with the guitar,”  Tracewell says. 

“It’s just fun to play music, and it’s good for your brain,” says Caesar Cruz, regular club member. “Joining a club would also look good on your resume for colleges.” The club is fairly new, their first meeting was on October 4th but since then the club has grown exponentially in the past few weeks.

The club meetings are held in Tracewell’s classroom every Monday. “The way that we’re promoting the club for right now is trying to spread the information by ear, says Tracewell. “But sometime later on we will try to print some flyers to pass around the school.”

The concept of this club seems very simple but having the experience of being there almost seems indescribable. When playing guitar or any other instrument, it’s like a flood of your emotions become a part of the instrument and then in return the instrument becomes the outlet for your soul in a way

Being in guitar club and having that experience with others is almost indescribable and it might help clear your mind and it might help you calm down while your playing that guitar.