The Literature and Art Devotees: The Literature Magazine Club

An outlet for people who want to put their art or writing somewhere.


by Kymora Getachew, Reporter

The Literature Magazine Club is a recently established club at Central Kitsap High School that has a goal to showcase people’s love for art and writing in a student-made magazine. 

¨We put together a magazine from the students who love things like art and writing…[which] shows their creativity.” Marisa Oishi, Chief Editor of the club.

The club leader, Miss. Oishi discovered the club last school year and it’s been an official club this school year. 

The club members are planning to publish the magazine’s first issue this spring. They are also planning on making a website; which is currently being developed and to be published some time in the future. 

The club is open arms to anyone. The procedure to join and stay in the club is a simple achievable task. 

¨Just show up to meetings and each meeting we´ll talk about what we´re working on and you can participate by doing whatever we are doing at the meetings…” Miss. Oishi said. ¨There is no requirement to be good at writing or art or anything. It’s more of an opportunity to kinda showcase [your] creativity to the school.¨

There are many different kinds of submissions they’re open to, you can showcase a poem, a short fictional story, an art piece, and many more. The submissions are open until April 1.  

The Literature Magazine Club Google Classroom is the best place to find out information. The Google code is y7ezaio. The club is in room 2218, or Mrs. Miller’s room, every other week on Tuesday after school from 2:40 to 3:30. 

So if interested, or have a love for art and writing, think about joining the Literature Magazine Club.