Book Club: Reading More Than Just School Assigned Literature

Book Club has been welcomed to Central Kitsap High School this year and encourages students to read and collaborate with others on their book journey.


Katelyn Topness

The group of books that the book club members were able to vote on to read for the end of February and most of March. (Courtesy of Katelyn Topness)

by Grace Vanderley, Reporter

A new club was welcomed to Central Kitsap High School this past February known as Book Club which aims to bring together students who enjoy reading and want to explore books outside of school material. 

Katelyn Topness, the clubs founder and president, received inspiration to start a book club over winter break when she started getting into reading again and didn’t really enjoy the books being assigned at school. 

“Over break, I began getting back into reading and wanted to help other people spark that creativity and desire to read more,” said Topness. 

Topness also mentioned that her and Jessie French, the club advisor and teacher at Central Kitsap High School, talked about how they both wanted a book club which also helped to spark inspiration for one. 

The club is designed to meet once a month and talk about the book they chose at the last meeting. 

“Ms. French and I pick out about 10 books and then have our members vote on their favorites, and then we all decide from there,” said Topness. 

For the month of March, the current book club members voted on “Things We Never Got Over” by Lucy Score. They plan to meet again on March 22nd to discuss and vote on a new book. 

Topness explained that at each meeting they will aim to talk about what they liked and disliked about the book they all just read and choose a new book for the next month. 

Topness also created a goal for the new book club to help, “…expand reading knowledge and just to create a community where everyone is able to read the same book and chat about it…we can make reading fun and accessible.”

Book Club is a great club to read new books and meet new people.

“Anyone and everyone who wants to read or start reading is welcome to join,” said Topness.