All About Mrs. Lane


Adonis Bougetz

The one and only Kate Lane posed in her classroom

My first question to the English teacher was asking “What made you decide to be a teacher?” Lane informs that she knew at a young age that she would want to be a teacher, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was like, four”.

Lane’s grandmother was a teacher and that boosted her dream of that career. When she was a child she would set all of her stuffed animals up in columns and rows like the students in a classroom and pretend to teach them as if she was a teacher. Today, she has been teaching English and AVID for multiple grades.

While most people have taken an English class, you might not know about AVID. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is for students who need some guidance in getting ready for college. AVID pushes students to take more difficult classes and shows students that there is always the potential for taking a course that the student might have been afraid of.

For Lane, teaching English (to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) and the task of taking care of students in AVID wasn’t enough, she wanted to do more. Last year Lane’s friend and coworker, Katherine Devnich, was the AP coordinator. Mrs. Lane noticed how good Devnich was at her job and wanted to give it a shot for herself. 

As known, the current  AP coordinator is Mrs. Lane. The job includes: making sure the students are signed into the website correctly, Making sure that the students wanting to take an AP test are registered for it, and that the students have paid for the test that they decide to take. Mrs. Lane states that “I work in coordination with the teachers to make sure all their rosters are updated and deal with any transfers that need to to take a test or any testing combinations that are a little bit different.”

Student studying for Lane’s final exam

When I was taking English 9 with Mrs. Lane there were plenty of students, but I wanted to interview a student that wasn’t very close with our teacher at the time. Logan Hodges is well known for being the quiet type, and with no personal connection with Mrs. Lane, he would have no biased opinion on the teacher. “It was hard yet easy at the same time. I was pretty quiet, so she probably liked me a lot since a lot of other students were loud,” Hodges says grinning after his playful response given when asked how he liked the class and Mrs. Lane. 

Landon Wiler was also in English, freshmen year. I know that Wiler gets along with all of his teachers so I knew beforehand that his opinion on Lane would be positive. Wiler was asked about how he felt towards Lane as a teacher and also as a friend. He confidently states, “She was an overall good teacher, very friendly. If I had a problem she would be a solid person to talk to”. The students who have Mrs. Lane can all agree that somehow or another they have enjoyed the time spent in that classroom.