Students can’t stop Devious Licking Central Kitsap Highschool!

Devious licks at CKHS have continuously grown worse and worse negatively affecting students.


JJ Jenkins

Broken sink pipe running on bathroom floor

by JJ Jenkins, Reporter, Copy Editor

Devious licks is a trend that originated on Tiktok started by a user under the name: Jugg4elias on Sept 1, 2021, which involved acts of vandalism and thievery ranging from harmless pranks to actual destruction of property.

Central Kitsap Highschool is no exception, devious licks in the highschool started very near the start of the school year, due to the trend being started on the first day of school. The first devious licks started out harmless to the school causing minimal damage to school property ranging from oranges benign scattered across the men’s bathroom and boxes of raisin in the paper towel dispensers.

The schools lunches had to stop providing fruit as part of the provided meals due to the frequency of these devious licks. The most damaging devious lick was not too long after these harmless acts quickly following the oranges in a roughly 2 week span of time. Michael Johnson who happened to be in the bathroom during the time this event took place had to witness everything.

“It’s just dumb people deciding that it’s good to vandalize school, which costs money. Yeah, I mean it’s a brand new school really just going to go around breaking PVC pipes and writing on the wall, like, just don’t,” Johnson said.

Repairing a sink pipe that was damaged in such a way can cost up to 1800 dollars which will come out of the schools pocket due to the school not having enough evidence to discover who this was.

Michael goes on to tell what the perpetrators were doing in the bathroom before they broke the sink pipe.

“Vaping vaping yeah, they were obviously vaping. They all piled into one big stall with 10 people saying, pass the cap, pass the vape bro, yeah they were very discreet,” Johnson said.

The group of people who damaged the school bathroom was most likely a group of people who were skipping class to hit a dab pen to which the idea of vandalism came to their minds.

Michael described the person who broke the sink pipe as , “long blonde curly hair, Jr”.

The devious licks at Central Kitsap Highschool as of now have seemingly come to a stop as the Tiktok trend has mostly died and grown old so the school is safe of paying more money to fix the deeds of students for now.

Oranges covering the men’s bathroom (John Jenkins)