School Lunch Quality Isn’t the Cooks Fault

During the COVID-19 pandemic Central Kitsap schools were closed for nearly 2 full years, the pandemic greatly affected the schools lunch suppliers and now there is a food shortage.



Students in line picking up food

by John Jenkins, Journalist

The school lunch at Central Kitsap High School used to “have”, a decent selection of  “good things” on the menu, before the COVID-19 outbreak. The school lunches used to have things such as mini corn dogs, spicy buffalo chicken bites, Nachos which had a large variety of toppings, chicken drums and wings, combo pizza, and more.

After school came fully back in person this year (2021), the school lunch variety as well as the quality had noticeably gone down.

Lisa Wilson who is the cook at Central Kitsap High School explained that the reason the overall quality of the food and the variety had deteriorated was because she could no longer order the food herself due to the food shortage within the United States.

“I used to do the ordering but right now I’m not doing the ordering now it all gets shipped to our central location, and then they disperse it out.” Said Wilson.

The government currently regulates the food supply delivered to schools making it so she can’t order the food herself, the government ships food to the central location and it may be a supplier she has “never seen before” and “just has to use it”.

“I would hope my district is open to looking at other suppliers,” says Wilson. “and we also have to work with other districts there’s something that we get food from the government also it’s called commodities.”

Lisa wants to be able to have the ability back to order her own food once again because she wants to supply students with “the best quality” food she is able to get for the students of Central Kitsap High School.

“We really tried to get the best quality that we are able to get especially to get them out to people absolutely,” said Wilson.

 Wilson hopes to order her own food once again when the pandemic situation improves so that the student body can eat the “best quality” lunch they could hope for.

The Darigold milk served at CKHS (JJ)