Bilingual students

CK has a diverse group of people

Bilingual students

Nov. 20, 2018


Central Kitsap High School is no stranger when it comes to a wide variety of ethnicities. With the school being open for many years and having hundreds of students walking in its halls everyday, the students and the staff know what it’s like to be part of an even larger community.


With such a large community of people some students with some speaking a different language at home compared to when they’re at school. go back and forth from their native tongue to a new language. While some bilingual students find this more difficult than others, it doesn’t mean this issue should go unnoticed.


Student Aaron Espinosa, who speaks Chamorro, discussed with me that the transition isn’t super big from speaking English and Chamorro. He told us that when he lived in Guam his school spoke English along with their native language. He sometimes speaks Chamorro here at CK, but only sometimes and only says terms in his language. Although the number of students who speak a different is not as high as the total number of the student body, everyone should understand the struggle of coming from a foreign area and having to learn a new language.