New Bell Schedule for School Year 2020-21

Will CK Cope With The Idea

Similar look on how the new bell schedule would look like.

Similar look on how the new bell schedule would look like.

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

                   As most of CK’s community knows, there will be a new bell schedule for the 2020-21 school year, there will also be multiple opinions on this topic whereas the teachers and students will have on it. For the most part, it will happen and some of the people in this community like the idea but the others do not.


                    According to the school board, the A’s and B day schedule will mainly focus on rotational class schedule on most days but on thursdays it will be a traditional in day. There will be electives/choice options which are are shorter periods, pass/fail options, and no homeworks. Along with that, there will be fewer classes most days with periods longer than 60 minutes, presently school based.


                  The next steps that the Board is taking will be to refine the school base schedule, and update the school board on November, as they end this month they will be having staff meetings in December. Furthermore they are expecting students and families feed backs in December and January. In February and march they are having a group meeting, then in the 20th of march the board will have an official decision.


                  As all of these plans are happening and are still going, there is a great debate on this topic, some are liking the idea while the others are thinking the opposite. As for language art teacher Kate Zinke she “ prefer it, because it allows more in depth conversation in her language art classes.” She also believes that it is good for “ other classes like science, art, and any other performance classes who use a lot of materials in their class work.”


Although there are some teachers who like the the idea of the bell schedule, there are other’s who disagree depending on the classes they teach and the amount complications that it would affect their classes. Mrs. Ferate who is responsible for the Cougar Den is one of those teachers that dislike the idea and think we should stick to the main bell schedule. She said, “I don’t think it’s  a good idea because it would be hard to run the student store.”

Maria Skilling

In the end, Ck’s community is looking forward to fin out the ideal decision for the new bell schedule, and are also eager to see if there will be positive or negative outcomes. More information will be out from the school board in their next meeting.