All About the Amazing Kerri Ferate

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All About the Amazing Kerri Ferate

by Ariana Shindell, Contributor

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Photo provided by Autumn Mullins

Mrs.Kerri Ferate, born in Bellevue Washington, has been a teacher for over 30 years. She attended the University of Washington and gained her bachelors of art in business education. While attending college she realized that she had the intentions of wanting to help students with their job skills. While Ferate has worked at Central Kitsap High School for about 30 years she has also worked other places in the district such as Central Kitsap High School in 1991 and Klahowya High School in 1993.

Over her years of teaching, Ferate has had a very wide range of teaching assignments, she has taught classes such as business law and her favorite, Business English, because it kept her up with computer technology. She has also been the teacher of the store operations class titled the Cougar Den for four years which is a student run store that teaches students to use cash registers and use good customer service. She is also in charge of the best student program, which is where students are selected or volunteer to be a student helper for a teacher at the school.


While teaching all of those classes she is also the adviser for DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) and FBLA (Family Business Leaders of America), ¨organilly that was part of my job to run those clubs, but now i enjoy it because i´m getting to do what i wanted and help students with job skills that they will use for their whole life¨ Ferate claimed.

Mrs.Ferate has been married to Jim Ferate for 30 years , he used to be the CK auto shop teacher for 35 years but is currently the sports event manager meaning he is at pretty much all of the CK sports events, because Mrs. Ferate is adviser of FBLA she also attends every event and sells tickets with her husband.  

Photo provided by Ariana Shindell

Since Mrs.Ferate cant run the whole store operations class by herself she has people such as Mrs.C to help her make sure the the operation goes smoothly. Mrs. C has worked as the store marketing assistant for 17 years insuring the that money from the store is safe and secure. Mrs. C has worked with teachers such as, Coach Keel, Mr. Mahaney and Mr. Emans. Mrs.C stated that after working with her for 4 years, she thinks Mrs. Ferate is a very positive person.  

Another person who can speak very highly of Mrs.Ferate is Autumn Mullins, a twelfth grader at Central Kitsap High School . She has been in the store operations class for 2 years and is now one of the store managers, not only that, but she has been involved in DECA and FBLA for 3 years with Ferate as he adviser, ¨she is so bubbly and sweet, he brightens everyone’s day, including mine¨ Autumn Stated ¨ she is never too hard on assignments which is one of the things that make her a great teacher i my eyes¨. Autumn explained that bone of her favorite memories with mrs. ferate was going to her first weekend mock conference for DECA in seattle and getting to know mrs.Ferate ¨as a person not just a teacher¨.

Somehow with all of the jobs she has, Mrs. Ferate is still able to enjoy her outside of school life by spending time with her family, gardening and gaining lots of steps on her fitbit. Over all it could be said that Mrs.Ferate is an amazing person and very involved teacher and has had an effect on many people in her life.


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