School Shootings

by Maria Skilling, Contributor

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School shootings impact many people and have increased in number in the United States since the 18th century. There were 82 school shootings during the year of 2018, which is the largest number of school shooting since 1970. Most students here in Central Kitsap are aware of these shootings, and have openly expressed their opinion on this topic. With so much knowledge on this subject, school district employees also have ideas about actions students can take to keep their school safe from shootings.  Along with these students teachers and staffs are right behind them, giving their own opinion on their main goals on keeping their school safe and sound.

One these students is an anonymous Senior, who thinks the best way any students can keep our school safe from any type of shootings is to “provide any important information that can lead to an idea that can cause some type of violent act, like school shooting.” However some small amount of students at Central Kitsap High School don’t really take school shooting as a serious topic. It could be that they just think there are more worse things happening in different parts of the world or they just easily feel safe here in there school. For this anonymous student he has a way different viewpoint towards that. He strongly believes that students should take the subject school shooting more seriously because “school shooting can happen anytime and without a thought from anybody that we may never have thought could do something so violent.”

 The main job of teachers and school staff is to teach and provide their students safety in their school environment. Some of them have bigger thoughts on how they could all provide a safer school. Staff member Maureen Christian, better known as Miss. C, thinks that “we should not only only have security cameras but to hire more security personnel.” When it comes to giving advice to students about how to be safe in school, teachers and staff are always serious on offering students vital advice so that they could use it when the time comes. Christian advises students that “they should be more observant and aware of their surroundings. They should report anything suspicious to the office or some other school personnel.”

Without a doubt, gun violence and other corruptions are one of the biggest issues in the U.S. Students from all over should always take teacher, staff and each other’s advice in order to be safe. School shooting is a huge topic that schools all over the world should be more aware of in order to keep each other safe. 

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