The Stress Behind Prom

The Stress Behind Prom

by Ariana Shindell, Contributor

Prom is a magical time. It is the last high school dance that students will ever get to attend. This may explain why seniors stress so much about preparing for this one night that symbolizes graduating and joining the ¨real world¨ as adults call it.

For most seniors the stress is caused by having to do things like first finding a date, then thinking of a creative way to ask that person to prom. Assuming they say yes, they have to rent or buy a suit or dress, then order the corsages and boutonnieres that matches with their dates outfit.

These tasks can add up to costing hundreds of dollars. In places like Washington, seniors will spend up to $600 on prom while in the bigger states such prices can go up to almost a thousand dollars. While this may seem insane, if someone was to take into account how much everything costs now a days you may understand why it is costing these students so much just for one night of dancing.

Ashlyn Anderson, A senior at Central Kitsap High School, claimed that buying her dress was the most stressful part of preparing for prom, ¨i ordered it online and had no idea if it would fit, Then planning for pictures and where to eat and making reservations¨. Anderson shared that she only spent $70 on her dress. This price is incredibly low comparing to a lot of other girls who spent more than $300 on their dresses.Anderson did not have to budget her money because her parents graciously paid for the dress.

Jack Houmes, A senior At Central Kitsap High School, stated that Preparing for this event has only stressed him out a little bit in planning dinner and pictures. Houmes stated that It has costed him about $200 so far but with dinner he expects to spend another $50. ¨i did save money for this event but my parents are helping¨ Houmes claimed. When it comes to budgeting Houmes did not do much of that, however, he saved up his money specifically for this. Houmes believes that the reason people prepare so much for this night because ¨it is the last dance for the seniors and it is a night about them which makes it special for a lot of people¨.

While prom has gotten more and more stressful over the years it is still an exciting time for most  seniors. It is the last dance that they will ever have. It is a time to dress up and dance and spend time with their friends for the last time as high school students which could be the reason that they are so tolerant to the money that they are spending.