International Thespian Society

“Act well your part, there all the honor lies.”


Thespian Society Invitation

Central Kitsap High Schools thespian troupe 326 is officially starting up again after being inactive over the past couple of years. The co-presidents of the thespian society are Abby Power and Hannah Hoftiezer.

Zachariah Timm, the drama teacher at Central Kitsap High School, describes the thespian society as “an official organization of people from around the United States and the world. That includes a diverse array of individuals who play multiple roles within a theatre, including directing, acting, and technical…”

The thespian society is an extension of a drama club, and is essentially the elite society of drama club participants that comprise the theatre.

The difference between drama club and thespian society, is that drama club is open to everyone, while the thespian society you have to earn enough points to be inducted in. Anyone can attend a club meeting whenever they choose, but the society is for consistent members of the club.

“The thespian society is for those who are consistent members of the drama club and have worked enough, under the guise of the drama club to become officers or earn points towards induction…”

To join the thespian society, inductees must earn ten points. Induction points should be earned through participation in at least two full-length productions, or one full-length and two one-acts, or four one-acts.

Troupe directors can recognize exceptional Thespians after induction by awarding Thespian stars and honor ranks. For more information, visit the Thespian Induction Point System (TIPS). 

Timm explains that “the qualifications are all based on that system and then it takes, I believe, $30 to join, so that about it.”

Co-presidents Abby Power and Hannah Hoftiezer

Co-presidents, Abby Power and Hannah Hoftiezer, have both been a part of Central Kitsap High School’s theatre program for 4 years now.

“As co-president, I am responsible for coordinating the future of our thespian society. This involves planning activities, fundraisers and frequently meeting with our director, Mr. Timm. We also work together to advertise and plan the future productions,” Power says.

Power’s goal for the thespian society, is to “hold frequent monthly meetings, plan successful and fun fundraisers to help expand our program, and to help expand our program, and to get as many people as we can involved.”

The thespian society works hard to get new people involved and inducted into the thespian society of troupe 326.

Before graduation, Power’s would like to see as many new faces in theatre as possible.

“With the new theatre, being able to expand our society would be amazing.”

Thespian society is a great opportunity for anybody who is interested in theatre  moving forward. 

“If you are interested in seeking a college degree or if you’re interested in even joining a college theatre that has gates or requirements to get into it, then it’s a great thing to have on your resume… it’s a really great way to ingratiate yourself into the community and be a part of something,” troupe director Timm says.

There is the possibility that troupe 326 might be volunteering in some capacity throughout the year. Troupe director Timm has been looking into different volunteer service positions for the thespian officers to go to. 

“…there’s a lot of different things we do just getting ourselves out there, even if it’s not theatre related really promoting ourselves as active members of a community is something we’re looking to do this year.”

The thespian society this year is going to put on two more shows. 

Sometime in December, there will be a meeting, and every other month that the society isn’t actively working on a show, there will be a meeting that anyone interested in theatre can come and join and play games and do some activities.