Central Kitsap High School music interests

A survey was conducted to get a better picture of what music is popular among the students at CKHS.


Damian and his Nirvana T-shirt

by Jessica Cox, Reporter

At Central Kitsap High School, many unique and diverse people are represented in the hallways. It’s easy to recognize the students who stand out. For example, the students who have a very distinct sense of style. Band t-shirts and band names are bought up commonly. A survey was conducted with the results from 140 students, with the intention to figure out the most popular music among the students.

With this survey, it shows music taste at Central Kitsap High School is much more diverse than at first glance. With this the most popular genre was pop/hiphop/rap standing at 48%. 

Although the hip hop/rap/pop scene runs rampid with today’s youth. There is another genre that seems to take the cake for the most dedicateded and hardcore fans. This genre is punk/alt rock and it came in second compared to all other genres surveyed at 18%. Two dedicated fans of the student-run punk band, ¨Sailing Camp ̈ and punks themselves chose to describe their taste of music.   

Sailing Camp Merch


Clover Brann, a Freshman at CKHS, who is very well versed in music genre, explained during an interview when I asked what aspects of music she appreciates, ̈Aggressiveness or calming, very extreme opposites. Can’t be in between.¨ Although her polar opposite ideas about her music taste and what drives her feelings towards music seem normal, It’s very common for youth to find solace within many genres. This demonstrates that students at Central Kitsap High School may not fit into a musical label and prefer to explore genres rather than conforming to stereotype. 


Delaney Gustavson, a freshman, claims that her favorite aspect of music is lyrics. ¨Its all in the lyrics,̈ she says. 


Notebobly, other forms of music seem to be less popular among the students, like country which is only 7% of the preferred types, along with dubstep which is 3%. Jazz/blues and RnB only make up 4% each. While investigating students music taste, the rate of students who found their music taste in less common genres was higher than anticipated. Although it is obvious by top charts that the hip hop,pop, and rap genres are preferred by youth. The punk/alt rock scene is on the rise in second place of the most common music genres at CKHS.