The Climb of Minimum Wage


Connor Olsen

Minimum wage workers are seeing a increase of pay

by Connor Olsen, Reporter

Over the past few years, the minimum wage has been increasing due to the Washington state initiative 1433 that was passed in 2016. It was made so minimum wage would increase every year until 2021 then after that a cost of living adjustment would play into effect for the minimum wage. 

With the start of the new year, the minimum wage has been increased to $13.50 within Kitsap county compared to $12.00 dollars prior. Many people are excited about the increased wage but why is that and do they know the cons with it.

Clinton Olsen, a 43 year old contractor for Chinook Properties believes the minimum wage increase will not matter because the cost of living will rise as well. He worries about “the cost of living,” and how “it’s very expensive and you can’t get lunch for less than $10 at some places now a days.”

An empty wallet portrays the lack of money due to an increase in prices

On the other hand, Olsen things the minimum wage increase will “absolutely” benefit students who are attending school and have after-school jobs.

James Vincent, a junior from Central Kitsap High School who also works at Taco Bell, has a similar point of view on the minimum wage raise.  At first Vincent was excited about the increase because it would be increasing his pay, but could understand the other side with people that make more than minimum wage and how it almost is a negative impact. 

Vincent believes that “there are cons with the minimum wage raising such as prices in stores going up also gas prices will most likely increase as well.”

Although the minimum wage keeps increasing in Washington so does the cost of living. According to AP News “prices rise meanwhile minimum wage does also” which makes no benefit.  This is what employees don’t take that under consideration because they are being paid more which satisfies them.

We shall wait and see what’s going to happen once the new minimum wage adjustment takes place at the beginning of 2021 and it could affect everyone within Kitsap county.