“Good News” – Mac Miller

Who Mac Miller is and what his song “Good News” is about.


CKHS Student reporter, Brandon DeFevers, listening to the song Good News by Mac Miller.

by Alex Swift, Reporter

Have you ever heard the song “Good News” by Mac Miller? Well if you enjoy happy upbeat music you can relate to, you should definitely give it a listen. 

Malcolm James McCormick (Jan. 19, 1992 – Sept. 7, 2018), more commonly known as Mac Miller, was an American rapper and record producer. He started at a young age.

In 2007, at the age of 15, Miller originated from Pittsburgh, Pa., originally in the hip hop scene. A couple of years later in 2010, Miller signed a deal with Rostrum Records, soon after producing his first official mixtape “K.I.D.S”. 

In 2014, after his second studio album, Miller decided to leave Rostrum Records and join Warner Bros. Records, later producing the album “Circles” in 2020. 

“Circles” is Miller’s first officially released album since his tragic death back in September of 2020. 

All of Miller’s albums have different relatable stories behind them. He was open talking about his struggles like his depression or drug addictions. His song “Good News” from the album“Circles” is no different. 

In “Good News”, “Miller discusses many of the same themes seen on his last record, Swimming. He speaks of feeling no reprieve from negative feelings in life, while the people around him only want him to say that he’s good, wanting him to suppress the negative feelings he has all the time.”        

David Schmidt, Senior from Barker Creek, states the effect of the song Good News.

“It’s a good melody, a good up-tone beat, it’s also really deep though. It’s a good song, I really like the vibe to it,” said Schmidt.

Today’s generation recognizes the differences between Miller as an artist in comparison to other artists, similar to his style.

“He wasn’t really talking about what everyone else is typically talking about,” said Schmidt. 

Dylan Escobedo, Senior from Gig Harbor, claimed that Miller’s music had an impact on him,

“I think Mac Miller helped me escape through a time that was definitely needed for an escape, and still does in that regard,” said Escobedo.  “It sucks that he passed, rest in peace, but definitely all his music I recommend to anybody.” 

All in all, if you didn’t know anything about Mac Miller, now you do, and hopefully you will consider giving his song “Good News” a listen.