It’s a jolly tradition

Many people have wondered why do we give each other presents and gifts during the holidays some believe it comes from a religious stand point while some believe it comes from 19th century stories.


Calvin Lumadue

Reporter Calvin Lumadue standing next to gifts and the Christmas tree

by Calvin Lumadue, Reporter

We are now in one of the best seasons of the year, winter and there’s this great holiday we celebrate called Christmas. In today’s world Christmas has been celebrated for more than just celebrating the birth of Christ and the religious aspect of the holiday.

Over the years the holiday Christmas has evolved in a sense to that we don’t celebrate it as much for a religious stand and more for family and gifts and a celebration of life all around with wrapping presents to hanging up Christmas lights on the outside of the house. 

Its this thought of why do we give each other gifts for Christmas and I think its because it started as a religious aspect because Christmas is the supposed birth of Christ hints the name Christmas. Some people believe that the tradition starts with the birth of Christ and the 3 wise men traveling across the desert to see baby Jesus and to offer him marvelous gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The story of The 3 Wisemen has inspired a lot of stories. 

In the modern world people have been inspired by Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” written in 1843 and Clement Clarke Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas” written in 1823. For most people

In the world we live in today we’ve all heard of these stories that has had an impact on us since we were children and that’s where it all starts. Today children are told these stories of Santa and Elfs and during that time as children we start to believe these magical stories and were very excited an were almost in aw because these stories exist. 

Most of everyone celebrates Christmas for the idea of family we celebrate Christmas with our family and it hits your soul and spending time with family gives warm and comforting memories that last forever. Today in this world many people have believed since childhood that giving gifts is a tradition of some sort and it’s the right thing to do for family and friends and that it’s a very cherishable and memorable thing to do for and with your friends an family that anyone can look back on for the rest of there lives.