Cadbury Eggs – an Easter Candy Review

Known as a favorite Easter Candy, will it prove true?


Auntie P

Pile of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

by Allie Lewis, Reporter

Easter season Cadbury Eggs; perhaps the most popular Easter candy, other than the renowned Peeps. These are sweets Easter goers search high and low for during the season; hard to find and even more exciting when you do. They leave the shelves of the store quickly, people snatching them up as the season begins to leave the late goers struggling to find this beloved treat. 

These Cadbury Eggs are truly a perfect way to kick off the Easter season – let’s have a taste shall we?

But first, a brief history lesson of Cadbury Eggs. These eggs, in case you’re unaware, are chocolate sweet made in the shape of an egg. There are most notably three different types; a creme, caramel, and mini hard candy covered, crunch you might say, eggs. 

These eggs originate from Britain and have been around for the past 59 years.  They are the most popular sweet during Easter in the UK, and are actually produced by Hershey in the US. 

Now I, a failure to the popular Cadbury loving Easter celebrants, have never tried the classic creme filled egg nor the caramel one. First, I think it’s only right to start with the classic, well known, well loved, creme filled egg. This is an egg I had to search high and low for; nowhere in sight at Target, the Walgreens shelves empty, before Walmart came in clutch and the eggs were secured. 

However, I must admit, these creme filled eggs only bring thoughts of disgust when I imagine what they may taste as. I have never been one for creme sweets or desserts, never having liked creme donuts or the such, and to ruin the magnificent of chocolate with the blasphemy of creme? I am not sure I will be able to support such an act. Nevertheless, they must be tried and so they will. 

This small little egg (I was only able to find the mini versions) is a goo, might I call it, filled blob full of meh. I quite like the chocolate produced for the Cadbury Eggs, whether that be because it’s produced by Hershey one may never know, but the filling of creme is what gets me. 

The chocolate doesn’t fail to melt on your tongue as all good chocolate does, but the goo inside remains and produces a fondant-like residue that stays on your tongue. While it doesn’t quite taste terrible, the texture is all bad, and kind of puts the entire sweet off for me. Not to mention the after taste that doesn’t do anything great for me either, and quoting my mother, “Bleh” (enough said). While this classic Easter sweet is loved, I don’t think I’ll be one to hop on the bandwagon anytime soon. 

The next Cadbury egg, the caramel filled, is also one I have not yet tried and less well known. I am not usually one to go for caramel filled treats as I tended to eat too many of them when I was younger, but I don’t mind a good caramel chocolate sweet. And this is not one of them. This eggs is definitely not as bad  as the creme one, but it doesn’t do wonders for my taste buds either. 

The chocolate, again, is nice, but the caramel is so not enjoyable, it’s almost unrecognizable as caramel. It is oddly thick and has a more perhaps savory (the only word I could think to describe it) taste than it should, which brings all the good away from the deliciousness of chocolate. However, the caramel is at least smooth and is bearable, never mind the burning left in the back of my throat. As such, you’ll probably not see me going for one in the store, but if they’re ever unusually on hand, I might have one or two. 

And of course, the best was saved for last. The last Cadbury eggs is the nontraditional mini chocolate egg with a crisp sugar shell. And they are absolutely divine. 

I have eaten these candies for years, my mother loves them. My brother loves them, I love them, all around and amazing sweet. Perhaps considered a M&M wannabe, I think their sweeter shell and thick chocolate center makes them irresistible on a whole other level. The perfect crunch and soothing smoothness. I could easily eat way too many, and by far the best Cadbury egg on the market.

In all, the Cadbury eggs offer a variety of different flavors to choose from (clearly we should know which is best now), and are a perfect sweet to bring the Easter cheer to your treats.