Top Six Easter Candies Ranked

Which are the best and which are the worst?


Emily Peck

Easter Candies in a basket

by Emily Peck, Reporter

      Easter has passed once again and like every year the shelves have been sold clean of the many iconic bright and pastel candies children know and love. The question still remains however, which of the most common candies is the best, and which is the worst?

  1. Jellybeans

These small sweet treats are a classic. Not only are they delicious and full of flavor, they perfectly fit the Easter spirit with their bright and cheery colors. 

      2. Robin Eggs

Smooth milk chocolate in a sweet shell, all designed to look like little eggs. These candies are a welcome addition to any Easter basket. They combine great taste with a perfect design to match the holiday.

      3. Peeps

Peeps are small highlighter colored bombs of sugar that you just can’t help but love. These sugary little marshmallows are adorably decorated to look like baby chicks which makes them a fun surprise for anyone craving something sweet.

      4. Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate bunnies are probably the most well known Easter candy but they’re certainly not the best. As far as chocolate goes they are usually on the lower side when it comes to quality. Their fun shape however still makes them an enjoyable Easter themed treat for kids. 

      5. Cadbury eggs

While Cadbury Eggs have a nice combination of flavors and have a design that’s thematically appropriate for Easter, the overall candy gives off a sense of unease. The drippy contents inside the chocolate exterior of the egg can’t help but give you the impression of eating a raw egg which makes eating them both uncomfortable and messy.

      6. Brach’s Jelly bird eggs. 

Brach’s jelly bird eggs are the definition of mediocrity. These candies are lacking in flavor and design as well as originality. They have very weak and bland flavors and a very basic round appearance, barley reminiscent of an egg. If you’re craving something sweet with fruity flavors this Easter, go for jelly beans.