Review: Happy Lamb Hot Pot, a Memorable Experience in Downtown Seattle

A review and in-depth experential story on the Happy Lamb in Seattle.

by Kylie G. Martin, Reporter

Wagyu beef, mountain greens, skewered meats, and an all you can eat option with a sauce/desert bar. The Happy Lamb Hot Pot in Seattle has many favorited options when it comes to Asian cuisine. Based on classic boiled broth cooking style, you are served frozen meats and fresh vegetables of choice. The menu given to customers is a paper sheet and pen, check boxes fill the page section by section going from; broth type to meat choice, flip it over, skewered meat to seafood to vegetables to noodles and more. 

When I arrived the entrance from the outside was a semi-steep small set of cement stairs, enter the building to the left is a 2 flight stair walk up to a double cashier station. They have complimentary water and chips for those who have to wait long.

When I arrived it was 4:13pm and had no line to wait for, taken almost immediately to a seat right of the restaurant near a window after being asked how many (2) and if this was the first time (yes). The hostess directed me through the menu options and how ordering works. The waiter came to us within 2 minutes and asked us what we wanted to drink, he asked “is this your first time here at Hot Pot?”, to which I responded yes.

He recommended that we get a split original and spicy broth. I then continued checking boxes like; wagyu beef, fish filet, mountain greens, tong ho, bamboo hearts, cabbage, and udon noodles. Unfortunately, I was told they were out of bamboo hearts and mountain greens, which was one of the only downside to my experience. 

The pot was the first to come out and it took less than 5 minutes to arrive. The waiter flipped the tab from the side of the table and turned the integrated table stove on. The pot began to simmer and boil. The food was brought by 4 different people all at once, except for the fish but it was rolled into a rose shape for presentation, the others were laid out nicely in each of their dishes. I through 2 of everything in and waited. As soon as the beef turned brown I knew everything was cooked and ready to eat, of course anything can be left in to boil depending on texture preference. Flavor wise everything was to par, no extra sauces really needed. There were ladles, spoons, and chopsticks to eat and serve with at the table. 

I cooked and ate my food until almost everything was gone, it took about 2 hours, I finished with little leftovers at 6:24p.m. Overall, from my experience, I would rate the Happy Lamb Hot Pot a 4.8/5 if I were rating it on Yelp or an 8.5/10 on the ten scale. I would highly recommend this restaurant for an new experience, an experience in general, and suggest visiting the Uwajimaya Market afterwards for a mochi treat because they have an assortment of flavors to choose from. I was pleased and very satisfied with my encounters here.