Central Kitsap Cougars Basketball Win

by Brandon DeFevers, Reporter

Monday, December 11th was a good day for the Central Kitsap High School Cougars as they destroyed Sequim 75-52.  Starting off the season a little rough with a season record of 2-3. Though they expect to start exponentially improving through the season with some injured players being back.

Many team members and fans were excited with Josiah (Jojo) Johnson being back on the team with a recent injury recovery. He had a very solid first game.

Payton Davis says “Jo, he’s a big reason why we won today, first game back, did alot for us.” 

After having a rough start to the season, the team is assured they will do better in future games.

Jojo said “We are all learning our roles and I think we’re doing alot better” “we have been practicing hard…playing hard and getting close with each other, getting to know each other.”

Johnson is very confident in the future of this basketball season despite the rough start.

If the team keeps communicating well and get to know each other they will continue to win games throughout the season.