A Highlight to the Central Kitsap High School Lady Cougars Fastpitch

Central Kitsap High School girls fastpitch plays their 2nd home game of the season against North Kitsap High School.


Amanda Repine

Central Kitsap Cougars fastpitch #9 Ava Day up to bat against North Kitsap High School on March 24th, 2023 at Central Kitsap High School

by Amanda Repine, Reporter, Copy Editor, Business Manager

The Lady Cougars fastpitch plays against North Kitsap High School Friday March 24, 2023. The girls put in astonishing effort and incredible teamwork and cooperation. They have been working hard all season and their work is paying off.

They had a tough game against Kingston High School recently but they show up today ready to play and do their best. The girls play a tough game against North Kitsap. The weather is cold and wet, they constantly are changing out the ball due to the rain. 

Even in the bad weather and with the tough game the girls still push through. They really put up a fight and never give up. They are constantly encouraging and cheering their teammates on as well as the coaches constantly reassuring the team.

The game ended with a final score of 18-2 loss for the Cougars, even with the loss, the Lady Cougars still work hard and have fun, keeping a positive attitude throughout the whole game. 

The CKHS girls fastpitch have an unimaginable bond any bystander can see. Positivity is something the girls are best at, knowing how to encourage each other even on the rough days and keeping positive when games get tough. 

“I think some strengths that our team has is positivity. Everyone on the team is so positive and really makes the smallest plays a part of the highlight reel,” said Scarlett Mabe, player on varsity. 

 The school community can play a big part in supporting The Lady Cougars Fastpitch.

“I think that the school can come to more of our games,” said Mabe. “Our games are more exciting and louder than other sports.”

 Game schedules and past scores for the Lady Cougars fastpitch can be found at CkhsAthletics.com, so make sure to show up and be ready to support and cheer on the Lady Cougars in their next games.