CK Girls Tennis Team Celebrates Another Victory

Players share the joy that tennis brings

Charlotte Willer and Olivia Jenson posing after finishing a tennis match

David McClain

Charlotte Willer and Olivia Jenson posing after finishing a tennis match

by David McClain, Reporter

The Central Kitsap varsity girls tennis team wants success, and with success comes passion, trust, and teamwork.

On March 14, 2023, the CK girls tennis team played a match against Timberline High School. Before the meet, some players had already moved from junior varsity two to junior varsity one, which means players get to travel for games.

The varsity won 5-0. The JV matches went well too, winning almost every match. 

“I enjoy tennis because it’s really fun with friends and being out in the sun is just really nice,” said junior Charlotte Willer. 

While there are many other spring season sports like track, baseball, and soccer, the team recommends tennis because of the feeling of merriment and relaxation they feel they get out of the sport.

“With track you run out of breath, and in swimming you’re just all wet,” said Willer. “On the other hand tennis is very social, the outdoors are super fun, and it’s a no cut sport.¨

Charlotte Willer putting a thumbs up after a finishing a tennis match (David McClain)

Many sports at Central Kitsap High School can have the elimination process of cutting different players but tennis brings an experience that everyone can enjoy.

The atmosphere of tennis games can also be very different from sports like football or basketball, which tend to be fairly loud. “It can be very serious,” said Willer. “You have to be quiet, and the audience can’t clap, but you can learn a lot of lessons.”

Another value is to see how friendly and trusting the other opposing teams can be with each other because there are no referees, again highlighting the friendly and social aspect that tennis can bring. 

Ava Chadwick, freshman at CKHS, plays for the junior varsity tennis team. “I do tennis because I’m able to get in an athletic activity that’s fun and I can have a bunch of friends here.”

Chadwick also believes that there’s a little bit more to tennis than just being on the court. “We get to run and I feel that just makes me feel happier on average.”

Olivia Jenson, sophomore at CKHS, appreciates that she can stay dry during her games. ¨I enjoy tennis for the amount of friends you make, and you can’t play in the rain.¨

With many outdoor sports, games will continue on no matter the weather. However, this does not apply to tennis matches. When it rains the water can soak into the tennis ball, making it harder to hit, which could prevent players from being able to get it over the net.

Ava Chadwick practicing her swinging before going into a tennis match (David McClain)

When it comes to all the practice that goes into tennis, Jenson said, “It’s lots of hand-eye coordination, footwork, bouncing around a lot, along with energy.” 

“Practice usually starts with a warm-up, like a mile run,” said Chadwick. “But if there isn’t enough time we would just run around the court.¨

¨We would then stretch and split into different groups based on what areas we need to improve in to strengthen our skills,¨ said Chadwick.

All in all, tennis can be a fun sport for players and spectators alike. All you need is your mindset to be just as bright as the weather so you can play efficiently. 

Like every other sport, tennis may have its ups and downs, but for Willer, Chadwick, and Jenson, the benefits make it worthwhile.