A Moment of Truth: The Central Kitsap Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

An esposè and behind the scenes’ of the Central Kitsap Boys JV Soccer


Amanda Repine

Central Kitsap High School´s very own JV boys soccer in a team huddle before a match against Peninsula.

by Amanda Repine, Reporter, Copy Editor, Business Manager

The Central Kitsap Cougars JV boys soccer have had a remarkable season so far, with hard work and devotion to each other. On Tuesday, April 11, the boys played against Peninsula High school. It was a tight game, but it concluded with the final score of a 1-0 win for the Cougars.

Mikko Martinez No.6, has been playing for the Central Kitsap Cougars Boys Soccer for three years, his first year being during COVID-19, which caused his freshman year to be cut short.

“I feel like our team has good teamwork, from not letting each other down after a mistake to keeping our spirits up after a bad game or even a loss,” said Martinez. “It also doesn’t just have to do with us playing together on the field, but outside as well as bonding at team dinners and getting to know each other better.”

The boys have awe-inspiring teamwork and unity. The team certainly is like a family. They make each other feel seen and accepted. Standing firm and devoted to each other.

#7 Max Foster and #4 Conner Carnegie running towards the stands in celebration after a goal scored on Peninsula. (Photo taken by reporter Amanda Repine)

On Thursday April 13, the boys played another tenacious game. They played North Thurston high school here and Central Kitsap High School. The concluding score was a 1-0 win for the Central Kitsap boys JV soccer.

Goalkeeper No.00, Jude Guy has been playing soccer for a total of two years. This is his first year playing for the Central Kitsap High School JV soccer team. It is also his first time playing for a school team.

Watching the JV boys is like observing a community turned into a family with unity and loyalty. They also honor each other, and they have respect towards one another, furthering them to be more unified. The boys work together in every play, and they uplift each other through everything on and off the field, wins and losses.

“The communication we have with each other is very good,” said Guy. “The chemistry is high between us, so we play better, helping us win more games.”

Player #6 Mikko Martinez with a big kick playing against Peninsula High School On March 11th, 2023. (Photo taken by repoter Amanda Repine.)

Tuesday March 18, The JV boys soccer played Gig Harbor High School at home. They had a loss against Gig Harbor at the beginning of the season. There was a lot of stress building up to this game, but it only formed the boys to work harder.

The beginning of the game started tough when Gig Harbor scored a goal, making the score 1-0. About halfway through the game, the boys were able to pick up the pace and increase the heat in the game. The Cougars scored Three goals within a short amount of time.

Gig Harbor eventually scored again, but the Cougars still won with a final score of 5-2.

Thursday March 20, the boys play against River Ridge High School. They had a marvelous game. It was pouring the whole time and the team got soaked. The final score was a 7-0 win for the Central Cougars.

#3 Issac Allen, #0 Dylan Bloom, #5 Caleb Campo, #4 Conner Carnegie, #2 K Kettle, #12 Wyatt Frerichs, #10 Riamu De Jesus, #14 Lucas Gagliardi come towards the stands after a goal to celebrate with a bow to the crowd. (Photo taken by reporter Amanda Repine.)

It’s my very first year playing for the Central Kitsap High School JV Soccer team,” said Alex Ramirez No.18. “But I’ve played soccer my whole life.”

The team is all about encouragement, even on a miss or a bad play they still encourage each other to do their best.

I feel the team plays very well together and we are all pretty close with each other,” said Ramirez. “Teamwork for the JV team is encouraging each other to play better. Whether we have a bad pass or a missed shot, we are always supportive.”

The Central Kitsap Cougars will continue with their accomplishments and anticipate ending the season fulfilled with what they have achieved.