Patrick Leonard: The Coach of One of Kitsap’s Newest Soccer Teams, POFC

Patrick Leonard recently became the coach for Port Orchard Football Club in January.



Patrick Leonard speaks to his team at South Kitsap High School during a game. (Courtesy of Randy Wilhite)

by Grace Vanderley, Reporter

Patrick Leonard is a current teacher and boys soccer coach at Central Kitsap High School who recently chose to expand his responsibilities and love for soccer by coaching the Port Orchard FC Soccer team. 

This season is Port Orchard FC’s (Football Club) first season as a team. It is a high level amateur or semi-pro type-level soccer team and the team competes against other teams of that same caliber. 

“We get guys that are either just getting out of high school and are transitioning into college soccer, they are home from college for the summer, or other guys that have played college soccer and are trying to continue playing,” said Leonard. 

Leonard’s journey to becoming the soccer coach for POFC began around January when a few of the guys behind the scenes of the team met with him for coffee. 

“I shared my ideas and what my vision looked like, and then they were on board with it,” said Leonard. “From there, they sort of offered me the position and I started building a coaching staff and recruiting players.” 

These recruited players, assistant coaches, and Leonard typically gather together a few times a week to practice and have their games on Sundays. 

“Practice could either be at CK High School or at South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard,” explained Leonard. “Our games are at South Kitsap High School.”

With coaching a big team like POFC comes many goals and visions too. 

Leonard desires to be promoted to a higher league within their division. Big wins and being successful is a major thing that can help achieve this goal. 

Leonard further concluded that “we are not trying to just win but play soccer that is fun to watch.”

About 600 people came to their last game on Sunday, May 7 and he wants to build a team that is entertaining and keeps bringing out more fans like this.