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John Bell
John Bell is a 15-year-old freshman at Central Kitsap High School. He chose to join journalism because he likes to spread the word about big and small topics in the world. He also enjoys writing, so this gives him a chance to try a different style. Being able to help the school understand what’s happening in the world brings a smile to John's face. He loves listening to NF, Logic, and The Twenty One Pilots; most of his music is “depressing." He just likes it because it has to do with real life more than fiction. John's hobbies are writing for fun, playing games with friends and going outside between 11 - 1 a.m. His academic strengths are persevering through all the difficult and hard situations that life throws at him. His career aspiration is to become an author, not only can he write interesting fiction but he can also write the truth. He can make other people not feel so alone in what they have or are going through. He enjoys spending his time with the few close friends that he has; being a loner has its ups and downs. 

John's favorite quote is, “I feel like I’m going crazy plotting the holes in the universe, easier than counting the thoughts that rampage in my head. When eyelid movies cease to entertain, cease to come, my mind unravels and the streams of consciousness, memories collide, remembering false images, false truths to the point they become truths. Then new truth models build while my mind turns on itself and spins and tumbles. Sleep, like the low tide ebbs farther and farther away.”  -- Josh Martin

John Bell, Contributor

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