College Applications in the Pandemic Age

Seniors Discuss the Emotions Tied to the College Application Process During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Jessica Gordon

The college application website, Coalition for College, on a Chromebook

by Jessica Gordon, Editor-in-Chief

As seniors prepare to say goodbye to Central Kitsap High School and enter the next phase of their lives, many have considered taking the college route and have begun applications. In the current atmosphere of COVID-19, the application process looks different when compared to the past.

In lieu of standardized testing being cancelled in select locations, the vast majority of colleges and universities made the ultimate decision to not require SAT and ACT test scores. Senior Audrey Berry says that this decision has made the process “pretty easy.”

While this eases the transition and allows for more mobility in moving forth with college applications, some students are still left feeling stranded.

“It’s been pretty confusing, and hard to balance with a seemingly much bigger workload from online school,” said senior Jared Daling when elaborating on the application process.

CKHS, along with a plethora of other high schools, had to resort to online school for the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year in order to reduce the spread of COVID. 

Agreeing with Daling, senior Sonali Sharma details that online school can be time-consuming and can add to the stress already associated with applying to colleges, with or without a pandemic.

Continuing the conversation is senior Kate Zabinski who says that the process of applying to colleges has been “stressful and a little demotivating.”

Seniors Hannah Lawrence and Mollie Mckee stated that it has been difficult to know when things are due and where to find resources.

Providing assistance and counseling during this stressful time for seniors and all students are the CKHS counselors. To schedule an appointment with your counselor, visit the CKHS Guidance Counseling website and follow the instructions found there. Similarly, the website provides a plethora of links for guidance in choosing courses, Running Start, letters of recommendation and other valuable pieces of information.