Spring Fling Springening

The Spring Fling was a dance on April 29th.


Daniel Gutierrez

Spring fling Poster

by Daniel Gutierrez, Reporter

April 29th is the date of the Spring Fling dance. 

Two of the main staff members helping to work on this project are Alex Chertok, the Assistant Principal here at Central Kitsap High School, and Daniel Sullivan, the activities coordinator and the Associated Student Body advisor. 

Alex Chertok has been helping by providing guidance, assisting,, and planning in the logistics of hosting the dance. He will also be there “the night of [the dance] to supervise and have some fun myself.” 

“Normally, ticket sales double in the last couple of days before an event,” Chertok said. “So we are expecting a few hundred people and a pretty good turnout.” 

This Spring Fling is the first one in CKHS, it’s not an annual thing. 

“It was just sort of a recognition that we haven’t had a dance in a long time and we’ve obviously had to cancel a lot of them,” Chertok said. “We had homecoming this year, but in terms of the dance side of things it wasn’t the full experience.” 

For other staff member Daniel Sullivan, planning the Spring Fling was stressful. “The nature of putting on large scale events is really stressful,” Sullivan said. “That was compounded by the fact that we didn’t realize we were able to put on a dance until kind of like a last second thing.” 

Sullivan and the rest of ASB is excited to be able to put on the dance. “We spent a long time trying to get to a point where we can get approvals on this kind of stuff.” Sullivan said. 

Spring fling picture backdrop (Daniel Gutierrez)

Meghan Landon, ASB President has also been helping on the work of the Spring Fling. She works with the other ASB members to set up these dances and plan them. 

Students working on spring fling poster (Daniel Gutierrez)

“Our proceeds are going to UNICEF,” Landon said. “So basically we are donating all the money that we get from tickets to this program that’s been helping Ukraine.