Are Central Kitsap Schools Talking About Sexuality Too Much?

Wednesday, May 11th, school board meeting coverage.


Central Kitsap School Board

Meghan Hein the new District 4 Director. Picture provided by Central Kitsap School Board.

by Ryelee Belgarde, Reporter

On Wednesday May 11, the Central Kitsap School Board held their second in person school board meeting. While many people came in person there were still many attendees online including the vice president Denise Tracy.

The school board induced their new District 4 Director Meghan Hein, after the resignation of Jeanie Schulze. While many of the parents wished well to Hein, they covered the issues that are normally presented at these meetings.

The biggest current issue among parents in the Central Kitsap School District is the teachings and talk about sexuality and race. 

Rachel Jeffers, a mom of several CKSD students, who have now been pulled out of the school system because of the teachings, spoke up.

“I put my kids in K 12 online and that was decent at first but once I enrolled my kindergartner, they asked me what her pronouns were. So I decided to pull all three of my children for public schools,” Jeffers started. 

“I’m 100% not okay with the sex ed for our little kids. I am also definitely not okay with the CRT, or critical race fact as Mr. Jackson calls it. I’m not okay with you sexualizing my children,” Jeffers stated.

Another parent, Anne Marie, also called for actions against the teaching of sexuality in schools.

We’ve lost trust in this school district… that this constant hyper focus on sexuality and gender identity is not okay. For our students, it is too much,” Marie stated.  “I had five 13 year olds at my house this past weekend, practicing for something for dance, and they were talking about how much it is discussed in their classes. And they attend different middle schools in our district. They are exhausted mentally from all of this bombardment, and it needs to stop,” she said.

While parents might feel as though the school board doesn’t do much to help their children, they listen to each parent’s concerns at every school board meeting. Although they don’t respond during public comment anything that needs to be addressed will be taken care of by Superintendent Prince.

Superintendent Prince mentioned with all of the big events coming to the high schools there are at home COVID-19 tests available, for free to every student. This helps students feel safe at any event they are going to attend whether it’s prom, or state for a sport, by being able to test before and after the event. Testing is completely optional as well. 

Also if you would like to celebrate the work that Jeanie Schulze has done for the district, the CKSD School Board is hosting a party on Wednesday, May 25 from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm.