Gaming and Other Hobbies After School in CKHS

In Central Kitsap High School, based in room 1204, resides the Gaming Club which meets every Monday


Sotero Morales

Two members of the gaming club playing on a Nintendo Entertainment System.

by Sotero Morales, Reporter

In Central Kitsap High School, based in room 1204, resides the Gaming Club which meets every Monday. Together they play games on the Nintendo Switch, GameCube, Nintendo entertainment system, and even an arcade machine, all of which belong to Mr. David Tracewell or one of the club members.

Jason Moon is this year’s president of the club, taking the position of last year’s now graduated president. The club hasn’t been the most public or populated but its members tend to be ones that last.

“It’s slow but it’s pretty normal for the beginning of the year to be slow, it usually gets better during the second semester where we get more people involved,” said Moon.

However, it is not the only club that inhabits the room. There are actually three different clubs located in Tracewell’s room; the gaming, guitar, and design/sewing clubs, forming a sort of ecosystem where students of varying hobbies can meet with others of similar interest while also having the chance to find new experiences. 

Tracewell started his culmination of clubs during the spring of 2020. He would host the design club for two days of the week and have the guitar club on the other two.

“It was a really small number each time because it could only have maybe five at a time,” said Tracewell. “I showed them how to use the vinyl press, make clothes, stickers, and things like that.”

“Now it’s at the point where it runs itself, there is a routine,” said Tracewell. “One person is responsible for bringing their Nintendo Switch to plug up. The rest have a routine where they plug up their amps and jam together which is quite awesome.”

Tracewell’s one room of many clubs has been a great host for its many club members and students of CKHS have the ability to be part of such. Whether it be gaming, guitar or design and sewing. Room 1204 is bound to have something of a student’s interest.